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From the beginning

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Nico embarked on his racing journey in 2019, and while the pandemic initially posed challenges in establishing a consistent presence in open-wheel competitions, he navigated this hurdle with grace. Before he transitioned to the Lucas Oil School of Racing three years ago, Nico honed his skills through rental karting. This period not only served as a platform for refining his racing techniques but also ensured he remained in peak physical condition, laying the foundation for a promising racing career

Racing School

 After a brief period of karting, Nico transitioned to the Lucas Oil School of Racing just three years ago. Following valuable experience at the Palm Beach International Raceway and the Sebring International Raceway, Dal Monte successfully obtained the SCCA Full Competition license in 2021.


Pro racing

Nico showcased his racing prowess at Homestead-Miami during the SCCA Palm Trees Winter Majors and at Road America for the second round of this year’s F4 U.S. Championship. Amid intense competition, his unwavering focus centered on amassing valuable on-track experience. Understanding the pivotal role such experiences play in a driver's development, Nicolo strategically positioned himself for a championship challenge in the upcoming 2024 F4 U.S. Championship.

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